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Damascus Steel Straight Razor

damascus straight razor
  • damascus straight razor
  • Damascus Steel Straight Razor
  • Damascus Steel Straight Razor

If you’re like us and appreciate the old ways, then we have something designed for the man that is looking for a good shave the way gentlemen for centuries have enjoyed! This is an heirloom that can be enjoyed in your lifetime and one day passed down. Not only that, but this is an investment and you will save money in the long run with no more expensive disposable razors!

From start to finish, this straight razor is made from premium materials, including 1095 and 15N20 steel that is folded over and over during the forging process to create the beautiful layers that form the intricate designs on the blade. This handcrafted piece of art is designed for that luxurious shave that gentlemen enjoyed on a regular basis in the past. Everything about this straight razor exemplifies premium qualityGo ahead and indulge yourself and make shaving a relaxing experience, rather than a chore.

Blade: 4.5 in

Handle/Scales: 5.25 in


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