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Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set

Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set
  • Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set
  • Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set
  • Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set
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An heirloom to pass down for generations and the perfect gift for someone you love

! Do you remember the time tested items your grandparents owned and how the memories of them stayed with those items as they passed down through the generations?  We want this kitchen knife set to be one of those heirlooms for you. Imagine the special times with family and friends gathered around the kitchen sharing stories, laughter, and all the great food that these knives will help prepare.  These are more than a product we sell, these are a way we help families and friends connect and enjoy life and treasure memories together around the table!

This beautiful 7 piece damascus steel chef/kitchen knife set is a chef or food enthusiast’s dream! The Damascus steel blades make for an exquisite display of craftsmanship and detail that will capture the attention of your guests as you serve up your favorite dish!


Largest knife; Overall length = 15.25'' Inches
2nd; Overall length = 13.00'' Inches   
3rd ; Overall length = 12.50'' Inches    
4th; Overall length = 11.00'' Inches      
5th; Overall length = 9.50'' Inches      
6th; Overall length 8.50'' Inches
Chopper; Overall length = 11.00'' Inch

Blade Material: 1095&15n20 STEEL (Twist Pattern) Hand Forged


Care Instructions:

We recommend cleaning off and drying the blades after each use.  We also recommend applying a thin layer of vegetable oil, mineral oil, or other appropriate lubricants after each use as further protection again rust. 

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