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Bison Horn And Whiskey Barrel Ring

mens bison horn and whiskey barrel ring
  • mens bison horn and whiskey barrel ring
  • mens custom ring

If we're honest, we all love products that tell a story and have a history. That's exactly why this ring is one of our most popular items in the store! It features the stunning texture and tone of Manitoba bison horn, and is paired with a sliver of whiskey barrel oak.  Imagine the thousand of miles journeyed by the bison, and the changing season after season the barrel endured as it brought it's whiskey to the perfect maturation. When you wear this ring, you're wearing more than a quick turnaround factory produced ring.  This is a meticulously handcrafted piece of art that brings with it a rich story that you can appreciate each day you put it on.  Be prepared, you'll get a lot of compliments and questions about the ring!

We can even use your own bison horn that you harvested to make a unique and custom ring for you! Please put a note under “special instructions to seller” on the cart page if you’re requesting to use your own horn. You can also email us at

Both materials are supported by a carbon fiber lining, which has been built around them to provide lasting support. Carbon fiber is light weight and adds both amazing strength and triumphant durability to the ring. The unique process involved in molding the carbon fiber around the wood and horn locks the materials in place, preventing any warping or shifting due to water exposure. 


*Please note that due to high demand there is a 6-9 week turnaround time on these rings currently. Priority manufacturing with a 25 day completion time is available for an additional $55. Please put a request in "instructions to seller" on the cart page for the priority option and we will invoice you for the additional $55. These rings are made of natural products and we cannot guarantee that the rings will look exactly like the product image, but we can guarantee that the same type of natural materials listed in the description will be used for reach ring we make.

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